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Mga Pisikal na Katangian ng Sanggol

A. Subject Name: Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan
B. Lesson Reference No: PELC 2.1.1 p. 4
C. Lesson Title: Mga Pisikal na Katangian ng Sanggol
D. Lesson Description:
Sa araling ito ay tinatalakay ang mga iba't ibang katangiang pisikal ng mga sanggol batay sa kanilang mga gulang.

E. Learning Outcome:

Sa katapusan ng aralin ang mga bata ay inaasahang
1. Natutukoy ang pagkakaiba ng pisikal na katangian ng mga sanggol.
At the end of the lesson the student recognize, identify, list, define, arrange…
At the end of the lesson the student describe, explain, report, review…
At the end of the lesson the student demonstrate, illustrate, solve, interpret, write…
At the end of the lesson the student analyze, differentiate, experiment, test…
At the end of the lesson the student formulate, propose, construct, assemble…
At the end of the lesson the student argue, appraise, value, evaluate, compare…
F. Review of Previous Learning/Lesson:
Concept 1
Concept 2
G. Learning Presentation:
Learning Object 1 - What to know, student is given summarized information, and then pointed to the on-line learning website to view content presentation, and to participate in the elearning interactions.Science and Mathematics eLearning site: Intel eLearning http://www.skoool.comEnglish eLearning site: On-Line English Grammar
Learning Object 2 - what to know, student is linked to the presentation blog or wiki created by the teacher.
Learning Object 3 - What to know, student is linked to e-learning presentation of the teacher in flash, powerpoint, or downloadable document stored in a web host
H: Learning Activity:
Activity 1 - What to do, the website link to the on-line activity (games, simulations, blog, on-line discussion, research, etc.)English - Activities to Learn English as the Second Language
Activity 2 - What to do, the website link for the on-line source of to be printed worksheets, paper and pencil practice test, activity guides, and ebooks.Math - Algebra Worksheet Generator
Activity 3 - What to do to be done off-line, and the product to be delivered in the class.
I. Learning Evaluation:
The teacher shows the lesson rubric matrix that defines the performance criteria set for the lesson.
The teacher introduces the website link of the on-line assessment service.Suggested Site:The Landmark Project Rubric MakerQuizstar On Line TestProngo QuizStation (Elementary)DiscoverySchool Quiz Center
J. Assignment: (next step)
Deepening learning activity, practices, etc.

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